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    Alumni Development

    Fountain Gate Secondary College is committed to alumni development which engages and involves former students in meaningful ways primarily to support current students and to advance the School.

    For alumni, being part of this wider school community can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience on many levels. Alumni can:

    • Inform, advise, inspire and support current students at FGSC for example by sharing post Yr 12 pathway experiences including tertiary studies, work and industry insights
    • Meet and network with other former students from different year levels which can lead to career opportunities

    We’re developing the program in partnership with Ourschool, a not-for-profit service that helps state secondary schools build their alumni communities.

    To date, our alumni development program has:

    • Established and grown a database to communicate with alumni
    • Invited many alumni back to school to provide advice to students regarding different pathways, tertiary study and work opportunities
    • Set-up social and professional platforms for alumni to reconnect with one another
    • Involved alumni in various co-curricular events, programs and activities which also support staff

    Other objectives of the program of which we welcome alumni support are:

    • Alumni providing or facilitating meaningful work experience placements for Year 10 students
    • Creating avenues to provide broader philanthropic support to FGSC

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